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Friday, 26 December 2008

John Reese ("The 1 million in 1 day man") follows me! (on

Who is John Reese?

415,000 results on Google Search...mmmm, not bad!

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I follow John Reese on Twitter for a few weeks, and these days he started to follow me, too. If you are into his lists, you received the email "Life-Changing. Yes, I said it." where he informs also about Twitter: "DON'T DROP THE "TWITTER" BALL - ACT NOW!". It's enough said, I will also add one of his statements: "[Twitter] It's very POWERFUL stuff."

PS...John Reese - "The 1 million in 1 day man"??? I want, 2! (millions)

Monday, 15 December 2008

From Charles Ponzi to Bernard Madoff: answers to CRISIS?

Alternative title:

" www.1Zillion1Year.OFF - How to make 1 Zillion dollars in 1 year (or faster!) cheating OFFline!"

Being an economist, I've tried to find an answer (or a few) to the question: Why we have crisis? I never believed that a crisis like this would ever strike planet earth...but it did happen...and it's happening NOW!

I remember my Belgium friend Martin ( ), he is economist and traded on Amsterdam Stock exchange. 2-3 years ago before the crisis, he said to me that the world economy will fall, especially because of real estate market from USA (if I remember well). Anyway, I didn't listen to him, I was thinking that he was saying this just because of his pesimistic life philosophy. But he was right, and crisis "unexpectedly"....

The other days I was reading a Spanish newspaper ( El Periodico ), and I was "surprised" to read a Swiss private-banker's opinion that crisis was generated by "greed, immorality & irresponsibility"...Clear???

Well, it couldn't be more clear than that! I've worked in many countries having many jobs from tourism to real estate, including the building-construction area: illegal workers, illegal business owners, no social security, no protection equipment, no holidays, no contracts, no quality, corrupted Working Inspection, no medical service, easy loans from banks for construction, real estate scammers, artificially increased prices for buildings by real estate agencies, easy money games: ILLEGAL, GREEDY & IRRESPONSIBLE BUSINESS PRACTICE!

"Surprisingly" (or not?), The Wall Street movie transforms in reality (again?): Bernard Madoff.

If we all play the "Who cheats & steals more" game, guess WHO WILL WIN???

Thursday, 11 December 2008

Where do we immigrate for..."good jobs"?

Hey, immigrants: I have THE SOLUTION for you!

I was born in a poor comunist country (Romania), in a small town from a "less developed" area. My parents - intelectuals, but making a little worker-level income. So, like many others from Eastern Europe (and other poor countries), I start to think from a very early age to emigrate (in search of BETTER JOBS), and more and more after I graduated University and saw no future for me in a "capitalist country still ruled by the ex-comunists-ever-corupted". In the comunist times, USA where seen like every human's dream - "The American Dream". No chance for me to reach "the promissed land", as the Americans never allowed Romanians to come there without a visa, which alwasy was very difficult to get it (even after we supported so many times with our short resources the American political goals in the world). I tried to emigrate in Western Europe, but the doors remained also closed for long time for me as a Romanian.

Time passed, but I've never given up the idea to go, and when I was around 23 (2001-2003) I reached Turkey where I worked for a French company from tourism (Club Mediterane & Groupe Marmara). Turkey was not exactly a capitalist country and after I staied there a few months I had the opportunity to live a few months in Holland (Amsterdam), then in Germany & France. Finally, from 2005 till now (end of 2008), I established myself in Spain (Lloret de mar) for the last 4 years where I worked in constructions & tourism and made more money than in any place (1000 - 1860 euros / monthly).

Romania joined European Union in 2007, but unfortunately, still many "european brothers" consider us "second hand europeans" by refusing us many european rights, the most important of them: THE RIGHT TO WORK! That's the reason why in Spain, although I earned more money than in any place and I've lived almost 4 years here, I am still an ILLEGAL (I never worked with a contract, none of the Spanish companies accepted to pay my Social Security and the other worker's rights)...some business owners from here cheated me, with one I've ended up in a law suit, but it seems difficult to "fight against the system", especially when you're alone and other abused-immigrants like you are so affraid to join the fight..........

2008 - Crisis came out & even "brighter future" seems to show up for the Romanians "immigrants in European Union": some european countries like UK, Germany, Holland, Austria (and it seems that Spain, too!) anounced that they will not afford Romanians to work in their countries not even in 2009!!!!!

So, there is a big SO & a question: WHERE DO WE IMMIGRATE IN SEARCH OF BETTER JOBS???

I suggest you to immigrate in the world of Internet Marketing: you can live in the poorest country of the world, but with a PC & an Internet connection, you can make a comfortable income and build a business who can generate even MILLIONS (because Internet allows you to reach millions of potential customers at a low cost)! "The American Dream" was untouchable for me, but it seems that "Internet Marketing Dream" can be a reality (although, Internet Marketing is an American creation).

Capitalism & Freedom? What can be higher than to LIVE WHERE YOU WANT, WORK WHEN YOU WANT AND DO WHAT YOU WANT, which is possible in the Internet Marketing World????

PS...and, don't forget: if you want to immigrate in the Internet Marketing Country, you don't need a visa - greencard like we (the Romanians) need in almost all the countries. And maybe we don't need any visa anymore, as Internet Marketing seems the most democratic country in the world....

Sunday, 7 December 2008

People search on Google & YouTube how to make 1 MILLION (or more, in 1 year on interNET):

...and some of them, find ME! ;) Isn't that wonderful?! :p Even more wonderful seems that in less then 3 weeks since we've started the challenge (Nov 13, 2008), I'm the first on Google results, or the first page or the first pages of Google in searches about "how to make millions on internet"!!!

So, it seems that indeed there is a market for the (e)books about:
- "how to make 1 million"
- "how to make 1 million in 1 year"
- "how to make 1 million in 1 year online / on interNET"

People search about it and people create informations, tools, knowledge.

A few examples, try these @ home:*:IE-SearchBox&rlz=1I7GGLJ&q=how+to+make+a+million+in+one+year&start=50&sa=N

Ake the Web how to make 1 million pounds in 1 year:

Well, I prefer pounds or euros, but $$$ is still good:

I think I have the right answer for you!

13 Nov, Thu, 07:28:34 Google: how to make 1 million on internet?

Yes, we can talk about millionS made on internet:

Yes, I do have the FREE .PDF reports on how to make a million on internet:,1228691889

2 Millions in one year? Ok, I'll update my reports!

Interesting views offers also the Google Preview Results tool:

Let's do some maths:
- "make millions online 32, 100, 000 results"
- "make millions on the internet 7,340, 000 results"
- "make millions at home 57,000, 000 results"

As you can see, MILLIONS of people offering & searching, so now you understand why we talk about "making 1 million on internet".

What about YouTube?

PS...Don't forget: The 1st million is more difficult to make...;)

Monday, 1 December 2008

You hate viruses, but you'll adore Viral Marketing!

"Marketing phenomenon that facilitates and encourages people to pass along a marketing message." (

Also known, as "Word-of-Mouth Marketing".

A combination between Viral marketing & Email marketing are "Tell a Friend" scripts.

I use - it's free, easy to use and if you make an account with them, they offer also some interesting reports about the people who spread the word about your site, blog or forum:

I've used FreeTellaFriend with this blog and on my page with the free reports.

Guess why.

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Sunday, 30 November 2008

You have to WORK!!!

"Arbeit macht frei!" (Work shall set you free).
(Nazi concentration camps)

I said that you can make 1 million or even MILLIONS on interNET by WORKING! I don't preach scams....For the "get rich quick" schemes, try other sites (there are plenty)! Get another "guru"! I have 10 (TEN) years in Internet Marketing (and a degree in marketing on my wall :P ): I KNOW WHAT I'M TALKING!!!

PS....but, from all the businesses that you can start with a few bucks on your pocket and a few informations in your brain, it seems that Internet Marketing is THE BEST to start with!!! Or am I wrong???

The Big Brother of Internet Marketing: Nov 13, 2008 - Nov 13, 2009 Watch me LIVE how I do 1,000,000 dollars / pounds / euros in ONE year on interNET

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions:

Are you crazy?
Depends: for some Yes, for some No. Maybe it's a good idea to add a medical testimony on this blog.

Why "1 MILLION"?
Because if I say less, it might have not be of interest to you. Anyway, if by using my theories you will not make 1 million in 1 year but you will make ENOUGH, then you will be satisfied. But my main purpose is that you agree with my teories, not to make you millionaire. I can teach you how to fish, but I can't fish for you.

Why "1 year"?
If I say less, you won't believe me. And I'm not a scammer. I need TIME & WORK for what I want to do. Anyway, I'm so 1,000,000% sure that I'll succeed, that I'm already preparing my next bet: http://www.1Million1Month.NET/

Why "Big Brother" & Live?
I'll try to keep you in touch with my curent evolution through my Blog, Forum, Social Networks, Videos on YouTube like sites, video-conferences on Ustream.TV ( ) and you can keep a close eye to all.

You want to become millionaire by offering...FREE products???
Before I try to sell you anything, I'll offer you a ton of FREE products (PDF reports, blog + forum posts, video lessons, recommendations) so you can have a complete image of what is Internet Marketing:

I will make money From & With the persons who are really serious about starting a "work from home business", who want to work for themselves! Anyway, I'll talk about "Affiliate Marketing" (maybe the most powerful invention in Marketing of all the times!) and I'll explain how I make money also when I offer products for free.

Exactly: How will you make the money???!!!
That's what's all about! For the "new comers" it's a little bit more difficult to understand
To cut the long story short:

I'll use different streams of income ( cash cannons ): Affiliate Marketing through free reports, Article marketing, Email marketing, Social Network Marketing, Viral Marketing, I will create & sell my own digital products (ebooks, paid membership sites), blogging, teleseminars, etc.

Can be possible to make so much money in 1 year on internet?
In fact, as I promissed, I'll talk about "Names, facts & NUMBERS", and you'll see that are "many" guys -Internet Marketers (but still a very small procent of Internet users or world population) who are making more money than that and faster!

Now let me give you a closer look: in Internet Marketing, like in Mathematics, Business, Politics, are also the so called "Gurus", "Leaders", "Gods", "Oracles", and these people's messages or recommendations reach (and is followed by) thousands or even millions of other people from that area! Let's say I am able to create a good digital product ( ebook, payed mebership network, video lessons, etc. ). Then I Joint Venture with one of these Gurus who has a Network (or a list) of 150.000 people (Internet Marketers or Workers). Let's choose my Ebook worths 50 euros (but some Ebooks sell for thousands on Internet!)and through Clickbank affiliate programme I give to guru 50% (25 euros). If Guru sends the recommendations to buy my ebook to his list of 150.000 internet users (to compose an email, send it and to reach the destinations, it takes maximum 10 minutes of work!) and 40.000 of them buy my ebook in 1 day or 1 week, I don't need 1 year to make:

25 euros (50% of 50 euros) X 40,000 buyers = 1 000 000 euros in ONE DAY or ONE WEEK!


Who can be interested of your theories about making money online?
Everybody! You don't need special training, in fact waht you need is to know to start a PC, to create a Blog, to join an Affiliate Marketing Programme...and for the rest, the more you learn, the more you earn.
Which is the level of your lessons?
Beginners and Intermediate users can find a good platform in my writings, but I think that I can provide also knowledge & news for the High Level internet marketers. Anyway, in all the Networks that I add information there are plenty of "Search" options, so anybody can find & use what is interested in.
What studies you have?
I own a degree in Business, specialised in Marketing, and my Working Diploma when I graduated in 2001, was "E-Commerce - the businesses in the Internet enviroment". In those times, there were not many books on the subject, I've studied for my diploma mainly from magazines and "real cases" from Internet. I have also an Informatics Highshool.
For how long you are in the Internet Marketing?
From 1999, so I have 10 years in general Internet Marketing and 3 years in Affiliate Marketing & "Make money online" business.

"I want a better world!"