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Sunday, 7 December 2008

People search on Google & YouTube how to make 1 MILLION (or more, in 1 year on interNET):

...and some of them, find ME! ;) Isn't that wonderful?! :p Even more wonderful seems that in less then 3 weeks since we've started the challenge (Nov 13, 2008), I'm the first on Google results, or the first page or the first pages of Google in searches about "how to make millions on internet"!!!

So, it seems that indeed there is a market for the (e)books about:
- "how to make 1 million"
- "how to make 1 million in 1 year"
- "how to make 1 million in 1 year online / on interNET"

People search about it and people create informations, tools, knowledge.

A few examples, try these @ home:*:IE-SearchBox&rlz=1I7GGLJ&q=how+to+make+a+million+in+one+year&start=50&sa=N

Ake the Web how to make 1 million pounds in 1 year:

Well, I prefer pounds or euros, but $$$ is still good:

I think I have the right answer for you!

13 Nov, Thu, 07:28:34 Google: how to make 1 million on internet?

Yes, we can talk about millionS made on internet:

Yes, I do have the FREE .PDF reports on how to make a million on internet:,1228691889

2 Millions in one year? Ok, I'll update my reports!

Interesting views offers also the Google Preview Results tool:

Let's do some maths:
- "make millions online 32, 100, 000 results"
- "make millions on the internet 7,340, 000 results"
- "make millions at home 57,000, 000 results"

As you can see, MILLIONS of people offering & searching, so now you understand why we talk about "making 1 million on internet".

What about YouTube?

PS...Don't forget: The 1st million is more difficult to make...;)

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