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Monday, 15 December 2008

From Charles Ponzi to Bernard Madoff: answers to CRISIS?

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Being an economist, I've tried to find an answer (or a few) to the question: Why we have crisis? I never believed that a crisis like this would ever strike planet earth...but it did happen...and it's happening NOW!

I remember my Belgium friend Martin ( ), he is economist and traded on Amsterdam Stock exchange. 2-3 years ago before the crisis, he said to me that the world economy will fall, especially because of real estate market from USA (if I remember well). Anyway, I didn't listen to him, I was thinking that he was saying this just because of his pesimistic life philosophy. But he was right, and crisis "unexpectedly"....

The other days I was reading a Spanish newspaper ( El Periodico ), and I was "surprised" to read a Swiss private-banker's opinion that crisis was generated by "greed, immorality & irresponsibility"...Clear???

Well, it couldn't be more clear than that! I've worked in many countries having many jobs from tourism to real estate, including the building-construction area: illegal workers, illegal business owners, no social security, no protection equipment, no holidays, no contracts, no quality, corrupted Working Inspection, no medical service, easy loans from banks for construction, real estate scammers, artificially increased prices for buildings by real estate agencies, easy money games: ILLEGAL, GREEDY & IRRESPONSIBLE BUSINESS PRACTICE!

"Surprisingly" (or not?), The Wall Street movie transforms in reality (again?): Bernard Madoff.

If we all play the "Who cheats & steals more" game, guess WHO WILL WIN???

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