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Wednesday, 21 January 2009

The transition to WordPress & self hosting:

These days the trends in blogging are:
1. get a domain name for your blog (well, I have a few...I recommend;
2. get a self hosting solution.

The 2 features allows you to have better control over your work....If you want to monetize your blog, then you have to do it seriously. You can't afford that your work for a few months or years to be on other people's hands!

Also, by having a domain name, you increase your search engine ranking.

As far as I've seen, the greatest majority of professional bloggers & Internet Marketers, choose WordPress - state-of-the-art publishing platform...When I've started my "1 Million in 1 Year Challenge", my previous amateur-blogging experience was with Blogspot and small with Wordpress, so I thought I can choose the same. But as daily I try to learn more & improve, I've reached the conclusion that WordPress is the best choice, so from now on, you can follow me on my new blog (I've imported the posts from here):

Soon enough I promise you to come with a more professional looking theme, like "big guys of blog": John Chow, Problogger, Yaro Starak, etc.

I wish you all funny & profitable blogging, see you at my new blog address:


Sunday, 11 January 2009

Traffic worths only if it is targeted!

When building traffic to your site/blog (attracting visitors), the most important rules are:
-don't spam.
-Try to get TARGETED traffic. Don't try to sell chocolate to diabetics, ice to eskimos or boats to people living in middle of a desert. You lose time, money and worse of all: you can be considered a spam and get indexed in the spam data bases!

There are many ways you can build traffic:

-PPC (pay per click )campaigns on the main Search Engines (Google, MSN, Yahoo). We'll discuss these later, but you can have a look at:
-SEO (Search Engine Optimization) - trying to make your site search engine friendly, so you can be indexed in front by SE.
-link + banner exchange with other sites from the same area;
-article marketing (submiting articles to dedicated sites);
-posting in forums & blogs.

One of my favourite technique that I recommend for IM is building traffic through posting on Gurus' blogs, forums & Social Networks! Not only that you build highly targeted traffic for your site, but you make valuable connections for your future Joint Ventures. Remember the video with John Reese & Twitter? I've left a message on Twitter for John Reese, with a short address pointing to my blog article about Reese & Twitter. Reese replied me on his board that he enjoied my video. The results? Around 50 visits from Reese's readers, around 30 followers on Twitter and more than 10 subscribers to my Aweber list on 1Million1year.NET. Not bad for 24 hours! (You know how they say it: “Money are in the list”).

I totally envy godzillian traffic of Youtube Channels like:

More than 73,000 subscribers and 4,500,000 (almost 5 MILLIONS visits on Channel)!!!!! Holly, Molly! Now you understand why with a traffic like this I can become millionaire in 1 single day? If only 50,000 of those visitors buys something from me or through my affiliate link, than puts 20 euros profit in my pocket, at the end of the day I am “the new John Reese – one million in one day man” :P The only problem is that this traffic is very little targeted!

It's very important to keep tracking your traffic and analyse the results. That way, you know what site or technique send you more valuable visitors who converts in leads and buyers for your products. For example, yesterday I got more than 30 visitors from Blogger - Navbar when I was posting, but none of them subscribed to my list on Aweber:
Fort analysing your traffic for blosg or site, I use Extremetracking:
It's easy to subscribe and they give you a small html code which you can put it on your blog or site.

PS...anyway, Joint Venturing with people like MRirian, is not a bad idea...I've seen thousands on YouTube or Myspace with huge visitors & subscribers, but they have no idea that they could make some good money, also, while they are having fun, by converting some of these visitors into cash.

Saturday, 10 January 2009

UDC (Switzerland) hates the black birds & sheeps from Bulgaria & Romania.

I am a Romanian and never made a secret from it. Should I?

Living outside Romania in the last 5 years and working in tourism especially as Public Relation (I speak 5 languages beside my native), I can say that I know enough about the Western Europe, including Swiss. My main conclusion remained: NEVER GENERALISE!

For those who don't know (and many don't!), Romania joined Schengen Space & European Union in 2007, but even after that, we are still treated in Europe as immigrants or "second hand" europeans....or even worse: as thieves, criminals, etc!

I pass daily the internationl news, and the other day I've seen UDC party from Switzerland with a very "nice" message about the Romanians and Bulgarians: "Let's not allow in Switzerland the free circulation of the black crows from Bulgaria and Romania, because black crows are agressive & thieves".

I've also found another sweet "piece of art" of these Swiss "renacentist painters":


When I was a kid in my University, I was reading a little bit (not that I understood too much) some highly respected business magazines like: The Economist, Harvard Business Review, Business Week....and in some of them, some Swiss Banks were accused (a little bit) of money laundry ("legalising" illegal money)............Well, we all hope & dream to make some millions one day and deposit them into a "safe & proffessional" Swiss bank (me, too :P)...But, there is a BUT!

Coincidence (or not?), I've read some news about UBS Swiss Bank (why banks again?) which is pressed by USA government to close and deconspire 19.000 American's accounts who are investigated for tax evasion of 300 MILLIONS dollars anualy!

Of course, some natural (animalic & wild) questions come for the UDC Swiss party:

1. What is more dangerous: a Romanian or Bulgarian who steals a few hundreds, or a Swiss bank who helps others to make tax evasions of hundreds of millions?

A possible answer: All these are dangerous, but we cannot jump to the conclusion that ALL the Bulgarians, Romanians and Swiss are dangerous!

2. Should America kick the butts out of "black ships & crows" Swiss banks from USA? Should the world kick out the-black-ships-Swiss-banks from the international financial system...."pour plus de securite"?

PS...I have 3 messages:

1. for the Swiss people: Don't ask yourselves why is crisis in Switzerland and globally if you have these kind of "politicians"!!!

2. for the Romanians & Bulgarians: If you don't fight for your rights to be respected in the European Union, don't expect that your "white" sisters from Europe will ever invite you to eat at the union table!

3. for the UDC Swiss politicians: Obviously, your intelligence level doesn't rise above of a WHITE sheep, so keep on eating grass. But stop smoking it, otherwise you'll fly again high above the reality! Maybe the Swiss people and european politicians will wake up in time and kick your WHITE asses out of Europe!

Vote me if you need The Change!

"Express yourself, don't repress yourself!"
( Dj vj Luca feat Madonna / Human nature)

As some of you have noticed on the right side of my blog, there is a poll, where you can express very fast what you think about what I do:

And it's fills me with positive energy to see that so many people think that I will succeed:P

Hurry up and VOTE! You still have only...307 days left!!! :D

PS...I have many reasons to think that one of those who rated me positively is John Reese. You remember my Youtube video with him and Next time I show you what was the impact upon my online business.

Make money blogging with John Chow!

One very easy way to start your online business is with a blog. You can do it in 3 steps:

1.Choose a market, a domain, a niche

When choosing a market, watch 3 aspects:
-It has to be about a domain that people are interested. Make some google (re)searches and see how many products are offered on that market.
-Are people buying on Internet those products?
-How passionate you are about that market?

If you love cars, you can blog about it and join the affiliate program of Ebay (before runned by

Internet Marketing (what I do) it's also a huge market which grows exponentially, and do it well, can be profitable!

2. Choose a blog platform

For starting a blog you have a lot of options. The most used are Wordpress, Blogspot, LiveJournal & TypePad. I would personally recommend 2:

- Blogger of Google
I like it very much because it seems easy to use and it gets very well indexed by Google, the no 1 search engine.

- Wordpress
It is considered the most complex platform for blogging. For some adjustments, you will probably need a specialist help if you don't know too much about programming.

3. Join some Affiliate Programs
Some companies have their own affiliate programs (like the above of Others, they manage affiliate through a third party known as Affiliate Networks:

4. "Have A Consistent Posting Frequency" & learn from “moguls” like John Chow:

I recommend John Chow because this is how I recommend myself: Not a "get-rich-quick" schemer! Listen to John, and then you'll understand why I have "1 year" in my domain name:

"Very few normal businesses can be started for $8.95 (cost of a domain name) and glow into a $400,000 operation in three years. But that is the power of blogging if you take this seriously and continue to work at it on a consistent basis."

Anyway, if you still search for a "get-rich-quick-scheme", try Mr Rich Jerk!

If he disappoints you, you can't accused him he didn't warned you about his ...jerkness!

Happy blogging!

PS...and if you consider yourself a "too experienced Internet marketer" for my advices, then go to.............John Chow's blog, share your expertise & drive some "damn" traffic :P