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Sunday, 11 January 2009

Traffic worths only if it is targeted!

When building traffic to your site/blog (attracting visitors), the most important rules are:
-don't spam.
-Try to get TARGETED traffic. Don't try to sell chocolate to diabetics, ice to eskimos or boats to people living in middle of a desert. You lose time, money and worse of all: you can be considered a spam and get indexed in the spam data bases!

There are many ways you can build traffic:

-PPC (pay per click )campaigns on the main Search Engines (Google, MSN, Yahoo). We'll discuss these later, but you can have a look at:
-SEO (Search Engine Optimization) - trying to make your site search engine friendly, so you can be indexed in front by SE.
-link + banner exchange with other sites from the same area;
-article marketing (submiting articles to dedicated sites);
-posting in forums & blogs.

One of my favourite technique that I recommend for IM is building traffic through posting on Gurus' blogs, forums & Social Networks! Not only that you build highly targeted traffic for your site, but you make valuable connections for your future Joint Ventures. Remember the video with John Reese & Twitter? I've left a message on Twitter for John Reese, with a short address pointing to my blog article about Reese & Twitter. Reese replied me on his board that he enjoied my video. The results? Around 50 visits from Reese's readers, around 30 followers on Twitter and more than 10 subscribers to my Aweber list on 1Million1year.NET. Not bad for 24 hours! (You know how they say it: “Money are in the list”).

I totally envy godzillian traffic of Youtube Channels like:

More than 73,000 subscribers and 4,500,000 (almost 5 MILLIONS visits on Channel)!!!!! Holly, Molly! Now you understand why with a traffic like this I can become millionaire in 1 single day? If only 50,000 of those visitors buys something from me or through my affiliate link, than puts 20 euros profit in my pocket, at the end of the day I am “the new John Reese – one million in one day man” :P The only problem is that this traffic is very little targeted!

It's very important to keep tracking your traffic and analyse the results. That way, you know what site or technique send you more valuable visitors who converts in leads and buyers for your products. For example, yesterday I got more than 30 visitors from Blogger - Navbar when I was posting, but none of them subscribed to my list on Aweber:
Fort analysing your traffic for blosg or site, I use Extremetracking:
It's easy to subscribe and they give you a small html code which you can put it on your blog or site.

PS...anyway, Joint Venturing with people like MRirian, is not a bad idea...I've seen thousands on YouTube or Myspace with huge visitors & subscribers, but they have no idea that they could make some good money, also, while they are having fun, by converting some of these visitors into cash.

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