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Saturday, 10 January 2009

UDC (Switzerland) hates the black birds & sheeps from Bulgaria & Romania.

I am a Romanian and never made a secret from it. Should I?

Living outside Romania in the last 5 years and working in tourism especially as Public Relation (I speak 5 languages beside my native), I can say that I know enough about the Western Europe, including Swiss. My main conclusion remained: NEVER GENERALISE!

For those who don't know (and many don't!), Romania joined Schengen Space & European Union in 2007, but even after that, we are still treated in Europe as immigrants or "second hand" europeans....or even worse: as thieves, criminals, etc!

I pass daily the internationl news, and the other day I've seen UDC party from Switzerland with a very "nice" message about the Romanians and Bulgarians: "Let's not allow in Switzerland the free circulation of the black crows from Bulgaria and Romania, because black crows are agressive & thieves".

I've also found another sweet "piece of art" of these Swiss "renacentist painters":


When I was a kid in my University, I was reading a little bit (not that I understood too much) some highly respected business magazines like: The Economist, Harvard Business Review, Business Week....and in some of them, some Swiss Banks were accused (a little bit) of money laundry ("legalising" illegal money)............Well, we all hope & dream to make some millions one day and deposit them into a "safe & proffessional" Swiss bank (me, too :P)...But, there is a BUT!

Coincidence (or not?), I've read some news about UBS Swiss Bank (why banks again?) which is pressed by USA government to close and deconspire 19.000 American's accounts who are investigated for tax evasion of 300 MILLIONS dollars anualy!

Of course, some natural (animalic & wild) questions come for the UDC Swiss party:

1. What is more dangerous: a Romanian or Bulgarian who steals a few hundreds, or a Swiss bank who helps others to make tax evasions of hundreds of millions?

A possible answer: All these are dangerous, but we cannot jump to the conclusion that ALL the Bulgarians, Romanians and Swiss are dangerous!

2. Should America kick the butts out of "black ships & crows" Swiss banks from USA? Should the world kick out the-black-ships-Swiss-banks from the international financial system...."pour plus de securite"?

PS...I have 3 messages:

1. for the Swiss people: Don't ask yourselves why is crisis in Switzerland and globally if you have these kind of "politicians"!!!

2. for the Romanians & Bulgarians: If you don't fight for your rights to be respected in the European Union, don't expect that your "white" sisters from Europe will ever invite you to eat at the union table!

3. for the UDC Swiss politicians: Obviously, your intelligence level doesn't rise above of a WHITE sheep, so keep on eating grass. But stop smoking it, otherwise you'll fly again high above the reality! Maybe the Swiss people and european politicians will wake up in time and kick your WHITE asses out of Europe!

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