November 13, 2008 - November 13, 2009: The Big Brother of Internet Marketing (Make Money Online - Work From Home Business)! An unique exepriment! Watch me LIVE making one million ( dollars / euros / pounds ) in one year by working online!

Sunday, 30 November 2008

The Big Brother of Internet Marketing: Nov 13, 2008 - Nov 13, 2009 Watch me LIVE how I do 1,000,000 dollars / pounds / euros in ONE year on interNET

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions:

Are you crazy?
Depends: for some Yes, for some No. Maybe it's a good idea to add a medical testimony on this blog.

Why "1 MILLION"?
Because if I say less, it might have not be of interest to you. Anyway, if by using my theories you will not make 1 million in 1 year but you will make ENOUGH, then you will be satisfied. But my main purpose is that you agree with my teories, not to make you millionaire. I can teach you how to fish, but I can't fish for you.

Why "1 year"?
If I say less, you won't believe me. And I'm not a scammer. I need TIME & WORK for what I want to do. Anyway, I'm so 1,000,000% sure that I'll succeed, that I'm already preparing my next bet: http://www.1Million1Month.NET/

Why "Big Brother" & Live?
I'll try to keep you in touch with my curent evolution through my Blog, Forum, Social Networks, Videos on YouTube like sites, video-conferences on Ustream.TV ( ) and you can keep a close eye to all.

You want to become millionaire by offering...FREE products???
Before I try to sell you anything, I'll offer you a ton of FREE products (PDF reports, blog + forum posts, video lessons, recommendations) so you can have a complete image of what is Internet Marketing:

I will make money From & With the persons who are really serious about starting a "work from home business", who want to work for themselves! Anyway, I'll talk about "Affiliate Marketing" (maybe the most powerful invention in Marketing of all the times!) and I'll explain how I make money also when I offer products for free.

Exactly: How will you make the money???!!!
That's what's all about! For the "new comers" it's a little bit more difficult to understand
To cut the long story short:

I'll use different streams of income ( cash cannons ): Affiliate Marketing through free reports, Article marketing, Email marketing, Social Network Marketing, Viral Marketing, I will create & sell my own digital products (ebooks, paid membership sites), blogging, teleseminars, etc.

Can be possible to make so much money in 1 year on internet?
In fact, as I promissed, I'll talk about "Names, facts & NUMBERS", and you'll see that are "many" guys -Internet Marketers (but still a very small procent of Internet users or world population) who are making more money than that and faster!

Now let me give you a closer look: in Internet Marketing, like in Mathematics, Business, Politics, are also the so called "Gurus", "Leaders", "Gods", "Oracles", and these people's messages or recommendations reach (and is followed by) thousands or even millions of other people from that area! Let's say I am able to create a good digital product ( ebook, payed mebership network, video lessons, etc. ). Then I Joint Venture with one of these Gurus who has a Network (or a list) of 150.000 people (Internet Marketers or Workers). Let's choose my Ebook worths 50 euros (but some Ebooks sell for thousands on Internet!)and through Clickbank affiliate programme I give to guru 50% (25 euros). If Guru sends the recommendations to buy my ebook to his list of 150.000 internet users (to compose an email, send it and to reach the destinations, it takes maximum 10 minutes of work!) and 40.000 of them buy my ebook in 1 day or 1 week, I don't need 1 year to make:

25 euros (50% of 50 euros) X 40,000 buyers = 1 000 000 euros in ONE DAY or ONE WEEK!


Who can be interested of your theories about making money online?
Everybody! You don't need special training, in fact waht you need is to know to start a PC, to create a Blog, to join an Affiliate Marketing Programme...and for the rest, the more you learn, the more you earn.
Which is the level of your lessons?
Beginners and Intermediate users can find a good platform in my writings, but I think that I can provide also knowledge & news for the High Level internet marketers. Anyway, in all the Networks that I add information there are plenty of "Search" options, so anybody can find & use what is interested in.
What studies you have?
I own a degree in Business, specialised in Marketing, and my Working Diploma when I graduated in 2001, was "E-Commerce - the businesses in the Internet enviroment". In those times, there were not many books on the subject, I've studied for my diploma mainly from magazines and "real cases" from Internet. I have also an Informatics Highshool.
For how long you are in the Internet Marketing?
From 1999, so I have 10 years in general Internet Marketing and 3 years in Affiliate Marketing & "Make money online" business.

"I want a better world!"

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